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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Birds Evolving Tolerance to Avian Malaria in Hawai'i (4 June 2014)
A Climate-Change-Induced Phenological Mismatch in a Wild Bird (1 October 2013)
Plastic Responses of an Arid-Zone Passerine to Summer Warming (24 September 2013)
A Phenological Mismatch Between a Wild Bird and Its Food Source (10 September 2013)
Changes in Avian Migration Timing: Phenotypic Plasticity or Microevolution? (4 June 2013)
Trophic Mismatches of Five Seabirds and Their Piscivorous Prey (13 November 2012)
Little Auks of the Arctic: Can They Handle a Big Climate Change? (7 November 2012)
Tropical and Subtropical Birds Expanding Northwards in Texas (25 July 2012)
Warming-Induced Range Shifts of Birds on Tropical Mountains (4 July 2012)
The Winds of Climate Change: Altering Albatross Life-History Traits (12 June 2012)
Accelerated Warming Accelerates Skylark Migrations (21 March 2012)
How Birds React to Climate Change in a Primeval Temperate Forest (13 March 2012)
Birds of New York (29 February 2012)
Food Demand and Availability for a Bird of Northern Finland (2 November 2011)
Responses of Black Grouse in the French Alps to Global Warming (31 August 2011)
Finnish Bird Responses to Global Warming (26 Jul 2011)
Flexibility in Destination Choice in Long-Distance Migratory Birds (13 July 2011)
Alaskan Trumpeter Swans in a Warming World (6 April 2011)
Penguins Shown to Be Poor Indicators of Global Warming (29 March 2011)
Great Cormorants on Greenland (16 February 2011)
Breeding and Feeding Cycles in Great and Blue Tits (15 February 2011)
British and Irish Seabirds (9 February 2011)
Birds and Climate (14 December 2010)
Responses of the Great Reed Warbler to Global Warming (30 November 2010)
Changes in the Ranges of European Wading Birds (24 November 2010)
Flocks of Birds Coping with Climate Change (27 October 2010)
Bird Biodiversity in China (10 August 2010)
Avifaunal Communities: Their Response to Past Interglacial Warmth (16 July 2010)
Penguins Prefer a Warmer Antarctic (1 July 2010)
Global Warming vs. Other Causes of Shifts in Bird Ranges (30 June 2010)
Fighting Climate Change is "for the Birds" (14 June 2010)
Warming-Induced Mismatches of Breeding in Insectivorous Passerine Birds and Abundance of Prey for their Hatchlings (21 May 2010)
Trees, Caterpillars, Birds and Climate (20 May 2010)
Birds of the Italian Alps: Their Response to Recent Warming (20 May 2010)