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Terrestrial Animal Extinctions

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Microhabitats Enable Animals to Beat the Heat of Global Warming (8 April 2014)
Human Presence vs. Climate Change in Antarctica (29 February 2012)
Species Assigned to Climate Envelopes in a Warming World (24 January 2012)
Late Pleistocene Musk Ox Populations Contracted and Expanded Naturally Without Going Extinct (7 December 2011)
Thoughts on Species' Abilities to Survive Rapid Climate Change (23 November 2011)
Late Pleistocene Large Mammals that Went Extinct Had No Distinguishing Features (22 November 2011)
Surviving the Warmth of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (20 September 2011)
Keeping Up With Climate Change (14 September 2011)
Will It Be Species Extinction or Species Persistence? (10 August 2011)
Finnish Bird Responses to Global Warming (26 Jul 2011)
Surviving the Unprecedented Climate Change of the IPCC (8 March 2011)
The Geckos of Pemba Island, Tanzania (22 February 2011)
Polar Bears Reproduce Faster Than Previously Thought (25 January 2011)
Thinking Outside the Climate Envelope (5 January 2011)
Past Rapid Warming Event Increased Plant Diversity and Promoted Speciation (5 January 2011)
Responses of the Great Reed Warbler to Global Warming (30 November 2010)
Changes in the Ranges of European Wading Birds (24 November 2010)
Predictions of Impacts of Climate Change on Animal Species Suffer From Model Discrepancies (4 November 2010)
Unexpected Biological Resilience to Climate Change (28 October 2010)
Amphibian Population Declines (28 October 2010)
Climate Envelope Models of Plants and Animals (7 October 2010)
Past Warm Episodes did not Cause Extinctions (15 July 2010)
Cutting CO2 Emissions May Spell Disaster for What Yet Remains of 'Wild Nature' (15 July 2010)
Fighting Climate Change is "for the Birds" (14 June 2010)
Warming-Induced Mismatches of Breeding in Insectivorous Passerine Birds and Abundance of Prey for their Hatchlings (21 May 2010)
Butterfly Responses to 35 Years of Regional Warming and Land Use Change in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California (21 April 2010)