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Range Expansion

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Australian Cane Toads: Expanding Their Ranges in Response to Climate Changes (8 January 2014)
How Do Non-Specialist Sub-Arctic Mammals React to Warming? (12 June 2013)
The Impact of Warming on the Ranges of Butterflies in Britain (27 February 2013)
Butterfly Host Choice in a Warming World (30 October 2012)
Spanish Reptiles in a Warming World (18 September 2012)
Tropical and Subtropical Birds Expanding Northwards in Texas (25 July 2012)
Real-World Species Range-Shifts in Response to Regional Warming (6 December 2011)
Finnish Bird Responses to Global Warming (26 Jul 2011)
Flexibility in Destination Choice in Long-Distance Migratory Birds (13 July 2011)
Alaskan Trumpeter Swans in a Warming World (6 April 2011)
Great Cormorants on Greenland (16 February 2011)
British and Irish Seabirds (9 February 2011)
Moose on the Loose in a Warming Canadian Environment (26 January 2011)
The Butterflies of Canada's Boreal Forests (30 November 2010)
Changes in the Ranges of European Wading Birds (24 November 2010)
Global Warming vs. Other Causes of Shifts in Bird Ranges (30 June 2010)
Birds of the Italian Alps: Their Response to Recent Warming (20 May 2010)
Global Warming-Induced Hybridization in Flying Squirrels (28 April 2010)