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Animal Species (Miscellaneous)

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Pregnant Lizards Exposed to Rapid Environmental Warming (29 July 2014)
Earthworms Working Overtime to Sequester Plant-Derived Carbon (9 April 2014)
Beating the Heat: How Do Tropical Lizards Do It? (25 December 2013)
Being Efficient Despite Adversity. How Do Lizards Do It? (15 October 2013)
Reindeer Reproduction in a Warming World: Will it be Helped or Hindered by the Changing Climate? (15 October 2013)
Feeding China's Giant Pandas: Is There a Role for Rising CO2? (17 September 2013)
Climate-Induced Food Shortages and Mammalian Reproduction (11 September 2013)
The Thermal Tolerance of a Tropical Lizard Species (23 April 2013)
Determining the Effects of Warming in Size-Structured Ecosystems (20 March 2013)
Pests of Pests of Blue Willow Trees in a Potentially Warmer World (12 February 2013)
Geographically Central and Peripheral Populations of Tropical Rainforest Lizards (7 November 2012)
Global Warming Produces Smarter Young Lizards (23 October 2012)
Red Foxes have Not Replaced Arctic Foxes in the Northern Yukon (2 October 2012)
Delayed Snowmelt Reduces Rocky Mountain Ground Squirrel Populations (4 September 2012)
Summer Warming Impacts on Bees, Moths and Butterflies in Mountainous Northern Scandinavia (4 September 2012)
Effects of Nighttime Warming on the Reproduction of Lizards (14 August 2012)
The Ability of Marine Turtles to Adapt to Warmer Environments (11 July 2012)
The King Penguin Population on Macquarie Island (10 July 2012)
Harbor Porpoises Benefit from Reduced Winter Sea Ice off West Greenland (5 June 2012)
Hudson Bay Ringed Seal Populations Declined Significantly Due to Heavy Ice in the 1990s (15 May 2012)
New Emperor Penguin Numbers Are Double Previous Estimates (2 May 2012)
Przewalski's Horses Die Over Gobi Winter - Climate Change or Effects of Captive Breeding? (21 March 2012)
Effects of Climate Change on Antarctic Nematode Communities (20 March 2012)
Green Turtle's Mating Habits Protect Against the Effects of Global Warming (7 February 2012)
'Lost' Caribou Herd Not Global Warming Victim: It Simply Moved (14 December 2011)
"Greening" of the Arctic May Not Be Caused by Warming, But by Lemmings (6 December 2011)
Keeping Up With Climate Change (14 September 2011)
Warming-Induced Microevolution in Tawny Owls (29 June 2011)
Livestock Parasites in a Warmer World (8 June 2011)
Ecological Plasticity in Seals May be Key to Climate Change Survival (4 May 2011)
Moose on the Loose in a Warming Canadian Environment (26 January 2011)
Enchytraeid Worm Responses to CO2, Warming and Drought (19 January 2011)
Insect Larvae Feeding on CO2-Enriched Castor Plant Foliage (19 August 2010)
Thermal Plasticity in Swedish Pool Frogs (16 July 2010)