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Ocean Acidification (Effects on Marine Animals: Bivalves)

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Acidification of Polluted Estuaries: Is It Bad News for Shell Fish? (7 May 2014)
The Response of Juvenile King Scallops to Ocean Acidification (15 January 2014)
Larval & Post-Larval Responses of Pacific Oysters to Elevated CO2 (22 October 2013)
How Blue Mussels Tolerate Seawater of High CO2 Partial Pressure (28 August 2013)
Growth, Calcification and Mortality of Juvenile Mussels Exposed to Ocean Acidification (30 January 2013)
Responses of Juvenile Mussels to Experimentally Acidified Seawater (15 January 2013)
Ocean Acidification Effects on Two Predator-Prey Relationships (25 December 2012)
Mussels Living in Extremely Acidic Water on a Submarine Volcano (14 November 2012)
Environmental Change and Potential Trophic Mismatches (24 October 2012)
Impacts of Recurrent Estuarine Acidification on Wild Invertebrates (10 July 2012)
Acidified Seawater: Does It Always Depress Calcification? (27 June 2012)
How Adult Oyster Exposure to Ocean Acidification Impacts the Response of Their Offspring to Elevated Atmospheric CO2 (29 May 2012)
Effects of Super-High CO2 Concentrations on a Deep-Sea Bivalve (10 January 2012)
Earth's Marine Life Not Going "Quietly Into the Night" of Ocean Acidification (22 November 2011)
Early Life Stages of Shrimp and Mussels in Low pH Seawater (2 August 2011)
Ocean Acidification and Calcifying Clams (8 June 2011)
Adaptation to Ocean Acidification (1 June 2011)
Sydney Rock Oysters Facing Ocean Acidification (11 May 2011)
Calcifying Marine Invertebrates "Living in the Future" (4 May 2011)
Responses of 18 Benthic Marine Calcifiers to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment (15 Sep 2010)
Effects of Ocean Water pH on Sperm Motility and the Fertilization Kinetics of Oysters (18 June 2010)
Impacts of Elevated CO2 on Growth and Calcification of Two Species of Oyster Larvae (14 June 2010)
Speculations Beyond the Pale of Reality (5 May 2010)