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Ocean Acidification (Effects on Corals)

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Oscillating pCO2 Concentrations: How They Impact the Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coral Calcification (16 July 2014)
Coralline Algae Exposed to Variable pCO2: Prepped for the Future? (14 May 2014)
Azooxanthellate Corals in a CO2-Enriched World of the Future (18 March 2014)
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Juvenile Massive Porites Corals (18 February 2014)
Coralline Algae in a High-CO2 World: How Do They Cope? (22 January 2014)
Cold-Water Corals of Chile (15 January 2014)
Effects of Elevated pCO2 on a Tidal Pool Coralline Alga (1 January 2014)
Corals and Fleshy Algae: Living Together in a Future World (17 December 2013)
Respiration of Cold-Water Corals in CO2-Enriched Seawater (10 December 2013)
Molecules and Mechanisms that Precipitate Carbonates in Corals (6 November 2013)
The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Octocorals (3 September 2013)
The Multiple Impacts of "Ocean Acidification" on a Tropical Coral (28 August 2013)
How Corals Are Able to Tolerate Significant Seawater Acidification (18 June 2013)
Cold-Water Corals Trumping Ocean Acidification: How Is It Done? (16 October 2012)
Acclimation of a Cold-Water Coral to Ocean Acidification (12 September 2012)
Responses of Scleractinian Corals to Ocean Acidification (1 December 2010)
Effect of Elevated CO2 on Calcification by Oculina arbuscula Corals (23 November 2010)
Responses of 18 Benthic Marine Calcifiers to Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment (15 Sep 2010)
Carbonate Chemistry Effects on Coral Calcification Rates (25 August 2010)
Some Facts About Corals and Calcification (25 August 2010)
Interactive Effects of Nutrients and CO2 Concentration on Coral Calcification (25 August 2010)
The Real Ocean Acidification Story (16 July 2010)
Acidified Seawater's Effects on Coral Larvae and Polyps (24 Jun 2010)