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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Responses of Freshwater Invertebrates to Climate Change (18 June 2014)
Fish Adjusting to Climate Change by Plastic & Evolutionary Means (17 June 2014)
Marine Phytoplankton Evolving to Cope with Ocean Acidification (17 June 2014)
The Intracolonial Genetic Variability of Corals (13 May 2014)
The Power of Marine Life to Cope with Environmental Change (8 April 2014)
The Capacity for Thermal Acclimation in Mosquitofish (16 April 2013)
Microevolution in Alaskan Pink Salmon in Response to Warming (19 March 2013)
The Potential for Adaptive Evolution to Enable the World's Most Important Calcifying Organism to Cope with Ocean Acidification (18 July 2012)
The Ability of Marine Turtles to Adapt to Warmer Environments (11 July 2012)
Evolutionary and Adaptive Responses of Coral-Algal Symbioses to Potential Future Warming (15 May 2012)
Water Fleas and Global Warming (25 April 2012)
Evolutionary Response to Environmental Change in Sockeye Salmon (10 April 2012)
The Future of Earth's Coral Reefs Debated in Science (18 January 2012)
Organismal Response to Ocean Acidification: The Role of Evolution (15 November 2011)
Adaptation to Ocean Acidification (1 June 2011)
Rapid Adaptation to Potential Effects of Climatic Change Via Natural Selection (26 April 2011)
Coral Hosts Can Evolve to Cope with Global Warming (29 July 2010)