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Ocean Warming (Effects on Animals: Fish)

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Seahorses in a Future Warmer World (14 January 2014)
The Delayed Benefits of Larval-Stage Stresses in a Marine Fish (6 November 2013)
Environmental Conditioning of Sole Larvae Prepares Them for Subsequent Juvenile and Adult Challenges (16 October 2013)
Developmental Thermal Acclimation in a Species of Damselfish (20 August 2013)
How Warming Impacts Male Capelin Choice of Spawning Habitat (12 June 2013)
Microevolution in Alaskan Pink Salmon in Response to Warming (19 March 2013)
Tropical Fish May be Well Prepared to Cope with Global Warming (17 July 2012)
Sub-Tropical Reef-Fish in a Warming World (22 May 2012)
Responses of Northeast Atlantic Fish to Rapid Regional Warming (18 January 2012)
Tropical Damselfish Successfully Adapt to Higher Temperatures (4 January 2012)
Parasite Infestation of Young Sockeye Salmon in a Warming World (7 December 2011)
Global Warming and the Survival Rate of Juvenile Hokkaido Chum Salmon (15 June 2011)
Juvenile Marine Fish Learning to Take the Heat (31 May 2011)
Heat Tolerance in Antarctic Fish (17 May 2011)
Effects of Predicted Climate Change on Australian Fisheries ... and More! (14 Sep 2010)
Largemouth Bass in a Warming World (21 July 2010)
Effects of Way-Above-Average Warming on Tasmanian Reefs (28 April 2010)