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Ocean Warming (Effects on Animals: Miscellaneous)

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Marine Life "Goes with the Flow" of Changing Water Properties (12 February 2014)
The World's Longest-Running Tropical Sponge Study (28 January 2014)
Southern Elephant Seals of Maritime Antarctica (4 September 2013)
Cetaceans of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea: Going, Going ... Gone??? (6 August 2013)
Could the Black Katy Chiton Survive a Period of Rapid Oceanic Warming? (4 December 2012)
The Ability of Marine Turtles to Adapt to Warmer Environments (11 July 2012)
Larval Sponge Responses to Elevated Seawater Temperatures (20 March 2012)
Not All Australian Marine Fauna Obeying Climate-Alarmist Dogma (24 August 2011)
Surviving Global Warming Without Migrating Very Far (23 August 2011)