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Greenland Ice Sheet

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Sea Level Consequences of Exceptional Glacial Meltwater Forcing (18 March 2014)
Surface Activity on the South-Central Greenland Ice Sheet (16 July 2013)
Eight Decades of Glacier Movements in Southeast Greenland (1 January 2013)
The Greenland Ice Sheet: What It's Been Doing Lately (25 December 2012)
The Evolving Status of the Western Greenland Ice Sheet (6 June 2012)
The GRACE-Derived Climate-Driven Status of the Greenland Ice Sheet (29 May 2012)
The Flade Isblink Ice Cap of Northern Greenland (11 January 2012)
Surface Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet (29 November 2011)
Surface Melting and the Dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet (2 August 2011)
Greenland Ice Melt: Past and Present (21 June 2011)
Greenland's Outlet Glaciers (1 February 2011)
The Ups and Downs of Greenland's Ice Sheet Wastage (21 December 2010)
The Recent Wasting Away of the Greenland Ice Sheet (10 November 2010)