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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Rainfall Measurements Throughout Northeast India: AD 1871-2008 (27 August 2013)
Three Hundred Years of Western Mediterranean Precipitation (4 June 2013)
Changes in Global Precipitation Over Land in a Warming World (21 May 2013)
Climate Change in China Over the Past Century (15 January 2013)
Nine Decades of Daily Precipitation Over Europe's Central Alps (2 January 2013)
Effects of Global Warming on Precipitation in Guangdong Province, China (12 December 2012)
Lake Victoria Basin Rainfall Over the 20th Century (4 July 2012)
The Theory of Warmth-Induced Amplification of Extreme Weather Events (19 June 2012)
Historical Land Cover Changes in Australia (6 September 2011)
Rainfall in Zimbabwe (15 June 2011)
A 135-Year Rainfall History of India: 1871-2005 (1 June 2011)
Extreme Precipitation Events in China's Zhujiang River Basin (26 April 2011)
A Twentieth-Century Rainfall History of India (20 April 2011)
Precipitation Events in Northern New England, USA (13 April 2011)
Japanese Rainfall: Predictions vs. Observations (30 March 2011)
Gullies Galore in Slovakia (20 January 2011)
Extreme Precipitation Events in the Hawaiian Islands (19 January 2011)
Erosive Rainfall Anomalies of Southern Italy (11 November 2010)
The World's Water Tower (28 October 2010)
Solar-Precipitation Connections on the Tibetan Plateau (21 July 2010)
Two Centuries of Precipitation and Drought Data from Seoul, Korea (30 June 2010)