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Renewable Energy (Biofuels)

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Will Second Generation Biofuels Lead to Bioinvasions? (29 January 2014)
Expanding the Biosphere's Limits to Growth (9 January 2013)
The Biofuels Mandate and U.S. Corn Prices (5 December 2012)
Biofuels: Going from Useless to Harmful (16 October 2012)
First Generation Biofuels: Good or Bad for Man and the Biosphere? (25 September 2012)
A Chinese Perspective on Corn-Ethanol Biofuels (5 September 2012)
Can Bioenergy from Forest Products Significantly and Sustainably Reduce Fossil Fuel Use? (29 August 2012)
The Carbon Debts of Land-Use Changes for Biodiesel Production (7 August 2012)
Biofuels: Forging Ahead Without a Full Understanding of the End Result (24 July 2012)
The "Dark Side" of Sugar-Cane Ethanol Production (10 July 2012)
Biofuels or Bust (30 May 2012)
Amazonian Plant Extinctions (11 April 2012)
The Future of Brazilian Biofuel Production (25 January 2012)
The Future of the Brazilian Amazon (4 January 2012)
A Global Storm in the Making (2 November 2011)
The Prospects for Biofuels in Tuscany, Italy (12 October 2011)
Oil-Palm Biofuel Plantations: Doubly Bad for the Biosphere (14 September 2011)
The Potential and Problems of Large-Scale Bioenergy Production (7 September 2011)
Ethanol Produced from Sugarcane (31 August 2011)
Another Downside of Biofuels (10 August 2011)
The Ethics of Biofuels (9 August 2011)
Impacts of Biofuel Feedstock Harvesting in Tallgrass Prairies (5 July 2011)
Are Some Global Warming Policies Deadlier than Global Warming? (1 June 2011)
The Corn Ethanol Con (18 May 2011)
Availability of Land for Biofuel Production - But That is Only Part of the Story (30 March 2011)
Biofuel Blunders (16 March 2011)
Future Forecasts of Food, Feed and Fuel Needs (15 March 2011)
The Folly of Biofuels (9 February 2011)
Biofuels or Bioweeds? (8 February 2011)
Another Analysis of Biofuel Pros and Cons (26 January 2011)
The Environmental Ethics of Biofuels (15 December 2010)
Food vs. Biofuel: The Energy Efficiency Duel (11 November 2010)
Biofuels: Their Negatives with Respect to Nitrogen (27 October 2010)
The Large-Scale Production of Biofuels in a Food-Insecure World (14 October 2010)
Global Terrestrial Net Primary Productivity: 2000-2009 and Beyond (9 September 2010)
The Water Requirements of Biofuels (25 August 2010)
Sugarcane Production in Southern Brazil (19 August 2010)
Biofuels: More Bang -- or Is it Baggage? -- for the Buck (18 August 2010)
The Three Major Determinants of Terrestrial Isoprene Emissions (21 May 2010)