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War and Social Unrest

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

War and Peace in China: The Roles of Drought and Sweet Potatoes (3 June 2014)
Cold-Climate Crises (5 June 2013)
Climate-Related Disasters and Social Unrest (17 July 2012)
Global Warming: Does It Promote or Hinder Peace? (11 July 2012)
Climate Variability and Civil Strife (4 July 2012)
Climate Change and Armed Civil Conflict (3 July 2012)
Land-Use Conflicts in the African Sahel (26 June 2012)
Warmth and Peace in the Roman Classical Period (19 June 2012)
Hot Times on the Tibetan Plateau (6 March 2012)
Climate Change and Large-Scale Human Crises (21 December 2011)
Pre-Industrial Climate Change and Human Population (3 August 2011)
Two-and-a-Half Millennia of European Climate Variability and Societal Responses (27 April 2011)
Cold Periods Caused Population Crashes in China Over the Past Millenium (6 January 2011)
Two Millennia of Environmental-Disaster-Induced Wars in China (16 Nov 2010)
War and Peace ... and Climate Change (18 June 2010)
Conflict and Climate Change in the Tropical Pacific (5 May 2010)