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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Climate-Change-Induced Flooding (29 July 2014)
The Recent History and Imminent Future of Global Flooding (24 June 2014)
Floods of the European Alps (12 March 2014)
Precipitation and Flood Frequencies of Northeastern Taiwan (24 April 2013)
Four Decades of Increasing Monetary Losses from Floods in Spain (30 January 2013)
Paleofloods of the Mediterranean French Alps (19 December 2012)
Holocene Floods of China's Jinghe River (13 November 2012)
Extreme Precipitation and Flooding Events in the Mediterranean French Alps (30 October 2012)
A 654-Year Streamflow History of Argentina's Neuquen River (17 October 2012)
Floods Across the United States: Trends of the Last Century (28 August 2012)
Historic U.S. Midwest Floods of 1993 & 2008 (25 July 2012)
More Floods for Central Europe in a Warming World? (22 May 2012)
Global Warming and Extreme Weather Events (28 February 2012)
Has the Magnitude of Floods Across the USA Changed with Global CO2 Levels? (16 November 2011)
A Ray of Light Cutting Through the Dark Pall of Flood Damages (4 October 2011)
Floods of the Upper Midwest United States: A 75-Year History (9 August 2011)
New England Flood Risk (20 July 2011)
The Rising Cost of European Floods (19 July 2011)
Flood Trends of German Rivers (19 July 2011)
Chinese Locust Plagues of the Past Millennium (24 May 2011)
River Discharge, Rainfall and Flood Data Challenge Model Based Projections of Increased Flood Risk (4 May 2011)
A Century of River Discharge Rates in Finland (1 March 2011)
A 450-Year History of Flooding in Southern Germany (9 February 2011)
Gullies Galore in Slovakia (20 January 2011)
Trends in the Timing and Magnitude of Canadian Floods (29 December 2010)
Floods of Switzerland Over the Past Five Centuries (29 December 2010)
Erosive Rainfall Anomalies of Southern Italy (11 November 2010)
High-Flow and Flood Trends of UK Rivers (11 November 2010)
Floods of the Mississippi River System (10 November 2010)
Floods of the Eastern United States (23 September 2010)
Alpine Glaciers (Especially Those of Scandinavia) (8 September 2010)
Extreme Paleofloods of the Southwestern United States (5 August 2010)
A Holocene History of Floodplain Occupation on the Upper Reaches of the Zapadnaya Dvina and Volga Rivers (22 July 2010)
Climate Change and Debris-Flow Events in Southern Norway (7 July 2010)
Two Centuries of Precipitation and Drought Data from Seoul, Korea (30 June 2010)
Flooding in Switzerland Since 1850 (30 June 2010)
Floods of the Guadalentin River, Southeast Spain (12 May 2010)