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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

A Half-Century of Precipitation Trends on the North China Plain (8 May 2013)
Effects of Global Warming on Precipitation in Guangdong Province, China (12 December 2012)
Eighty Years of Extreme Snowfalls and Snow Depths in Switzerland (21 November 2012)
Increasing Greenhouse Gas Concentrations and Climatic Extremes (13 November 2012)
Extreme Precipitation and Flooding Events in the Mediterranean French Alps (30 October 2012)
Heavy Precipitation Over the US: Has it Increased as Some have Predicted it Should? (4 September 2012)
Hydroclimatic Extremes in the Basin of the Blue Nile (29 August 2012)
Precipitation Extremes in Morocco (22 August 2012)
Changes in Hawaiian Island Precipitation Extremes, 1950-2007 (9 May 2012)
One Hundred and Fifty Years of U.S. Gulf Coast Hydroclimatology (25 April 2012)
More Intense Precipitation Extremes: Are They Linked to Human Activity? (24 April 2012)
Extreme Rainfall Events Throughout the Himalayas (24 April 2012)
Extreme Precipitation Events in Northeast Spain (17 April 2012)
Rainfall Extremes Over India, 1951-2003 (27 March 2012)
Extreme Snow Events Throughout Central and Southern China (27 March 2012)
Precipitation within the Waikato Region of New Zealand (1 February 2012)
Changes in Frequency of Heavy Rain Events Over Hawaii (31 May 2011)
Precipitation Trends in the USA (18 May 2011)
Extreme Precipitation in UK and Zhujiang River Basin, South China (18 May 2011)
Extreme Precipitation Events in China's Zhujiang River Basin (26 April 2011)
The Impact of Urbanization on Indian Monsoon Rainfall (23 March 2011)
Extreme Precipitation Events in the Hawaiian Islands (19 January 2011)
Global Warming and the Intensification of Rainfall Events (7 December 2010)