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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Deep Cyclones Over Central Europe: Increasing or Decreasing? (13 August 2013)
Storms of the Northern Hemisphere (22 May 2013)
One Hundred and One Years of Netherlands' Windstorms (14 May 2013)
Storms of the Past Century over the Southern Great Barrier Reef (8 January 2013)
North Atlantic Storms: Medieval Warm Period vs. Little Ice Age (11 September 2012)
US East Coast Winter Storms: Are They Becoming More Extreme? (11 September 2012)
The Temporal Trend in U.S. Hail Damage (22 August 2012)
Stormy Periods Over the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea (8 May 2012)
Straight-Line Windstorms of the United States (14 February 2012)
Extreme Weather: Changes in Storm Surges in Southern Europe Under Climate Change Scenarios (5 October 2011)
Late 20th and Early 21st Century Storminess of the Perth, Australia Region (20 September 2011)
Coastal Dunes Reflect Past Climate Along the Southern Baltic Sea (7 September 2011)
Climate Change-Induced Storminess Over the Eastern Irish Sea (30 August 2011)
A 2200-Year Storm History from North Carolina's Barrier Islands (24 August 2011)
Storms of Southeast Australia (3 August 2011)
Climate Change and North Atlantic Storminess (26 Jul 2011)
Extreme Autumn and Winter Storms of the British Isles (12 July 2011)
Storms of Northwest France (21 June 2011)
Southern Scandinavian Storminess (25 May 2011)
Active Tornado Seasons, Big Outbreaks and Stronger Tornadoes Have Been Shown to Be Associated With La Niñas and Natural Variability in the Pacific (24 May 2011)
Catastrophic Superstorms of the French Mediterranean Coast (20 April 2011)
Snowfall and Snowstorms are Not Decreasing as Predicted by Climate Projections (13 April 2011)
Northern European and North Atlantic Storminess (15 March 2011)
Winter Snow Depths in Northern China (6 January 2011)
Autumn and Winter Storms of the Eastern Canadian Arctic (5 January 2011)
Global Warming and Tornadoes (22 December 2010)
Chinese Dust Storms (21 December 2010)
Hail Storms in China: Are They Becoming More Extreme? (21 December 2010)
Severe Storms of Sub-Mediterranean Slovenia (21 December 2010)
The Medieval Climate of the Atlantic Coast of France (11 November 2010)
Cool-Season Tornadoes in Southern Australia in a Warmer World (26 August 2010)
Regional Climate Models Differ in Extreme Precipitation Event Forecasts (26 August 2010)
Storm Severity and Frequency in North-Eastern New Zealand (8 July 2010)
Storminess in the Northeast Atlantic (18 June 2010)
Windstorms of Europe (28 April 2010)