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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Is Global Climate Becoming More Variable? (18 February 2014)
Is There a Human Influence on Extreme Temperatures in China? (15 May 2013)
Extreme Temperature Events in China's Three Gorges Area (29 January 2013)
Has There Been an Increase in Multi-Day Temperature Variability in Austria in Response to 20th-Century Warming? (4 December 2012)
Increasing Greenhouse Gas Concentrations and Climatic Extremes (13 November 2012)
Extreme Temperature Events Throughout South America (25 July 2012)
Global Warming Fosters High-Latitude Cooling? (10 July 2012)
Extreme Weather Heat Waves (26 June 2012)
One Hundred and Fifty Years of U.S. Gulf Coast Hydroclimatology (25 April 2012)
Extreme Temperature Occurrences in China: 1961-2008 (27 March 2012)
Warm and Cold Winter Temperature Extremes in the Northern Hemisphere (22 February 2012)
Extreme Cold and Deadly European Winter Weather in 2011/12 (15 February 2012)
Extreme Weather: Record-breaking Cold Winter of 2009/10 in the Northern Hemisphere (7 December 2011)
Extreme Low-Temperature Events During Northeast China's Warm Season (6 December 2011)
Extreme Weather: Cold Weather Extremes to Continue Under 21st Century Warming Scenarios (10 August 2011)
Extreme Negative NAO Index Linked to One of the Coldest and Snowiest Winters of 2009-10 (14 June 2011)
Changes in Hot Days and Heat Waves in China: 1961-2007 (27 April 2011)
European Heat Waves of the Future May Not Be as Bad as Previously Predicted (15 July 2010)