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Climate Models and their Limitations (Clouds)

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

CMIP5 Models Simulating Southeast Pacific Stratocumulus Clouds (8 July 2014)
Modelling Aerosol-Cloud Interactions ... Correctly (11 March 2014)
Longwave Feedbacks in Climate Models (26 February 2014)
Arctic Clouds and Sea Ice in CMIP5 Climate Models (10 December 2013)
Cloud Tuning in a Malleable Climate Model (26 November 2013)
Modeling Top-of-the-Atmosphere Cloud Radiative Effects (1 October 2013)
Stratocumulus Clouds of the Subtropical North and South Atlantic (1 October 2013)
The Outlook for Modeling Clouds (Adequately) ... is Still Cloudy (24 September 2013)
Modeling Climate Feedbacks Based on Short-Term Climate Variations (25 June 2013)
More Problems with State-of-the-Art Climate Models (23 April 2013)
Problems of CMIP5 Climate Models with Tropical Low Clouds (19 March 2013)
CMIP5 Model Representations of Cloud Vertical Structure (26 February 2013)
Low-Level Liquid-Containing Arctic Clouds (26 February 2013)
Cloud Ice Water Content & Cloud Ice Water Path in CMIP5 GCMs (5 February 2013)
The Result is Clear: A Weather Forecast Model has Trouble with Clouds (12 December 2012)
The Trouble with Clouds (4 December 2012)
The Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols on North Atlantic Climate (24 October 2012)
Convective Clouds Continue to Confound a GCM (14 August 2012)
Aerosol Radiative Forcing of Climate (13 March 2012)
Errors in General Circulation Models: It Could Be "Double" Trouble (7 February 2012)
The Sensitivity of GCM Output to Aerosol Parameterization (16 August 2011)
Simulating Arctic Cloud Cover and Sea Ice (2 March 2011)
Aerosol Properties of the Global Atmosphere As Input Data to Climate Models (1 March 2011)
Climate Model Problems: Clouds and Precipitation (16 February 2011)
Improving GCMs through the Representation of Aerosol Composition (25 January 2011)
Climate Models Do Not Simulate Real-World Cloud Structures Well (26 August 2010)