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Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Trying to Understand Interactions Among Isoprene, Ozone and Methane within the Context of Rising Air Temperatures and CO2 Concentrations (21 December 2011)
Foliar Isoprene Emissions: Now and in the Future (14 September 2011)
Effects of CO2 and Ozone on Volatile Organic Compounds Emitted by Transgenic and Non-Transgenic Oilseed Rape (24 November 2010)
The Three Major Determinants of Terrestrial Isoprene Emissions (21 May 2010)
The Future of Forest Isoprene Emissions (12 May 2010)