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Carbon Sequestration

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Old Growth Forests Still Socking Away Carbon and Nitrogen (24 June 2014)
Old Trees: The Bigger They Are, The More Carbon They Sequester (3 June 2014)
Carbon Sequestration in Desert Ecosystems (27 May 2014)
The Carbon Balance of a Southwest Alaska Thermokarst Lake Basin (7 May 2014)
Carbon Sequestration via Agricultural-Crop Phytoliths in China (23 April 2014)
Phytolith-Occluded Carbon in the Soils of China's Forests (25 March 2014)
Biological Soil Crusts Sequestering Carbon in Dryland Soils (19 March 2014)
Does Thawing of Permafrost Lead to Further Global Warming? (1 January 2014)
The Fate of Peatland Carbon in a Potentially Warming World (10 September 2013)
The Long-Term Fate of Organic Carbon in Semiarid Grassland Soil (23 July 2013)
Earth's Land and Water Surfaces: Net Sources or Sinks for CO2? (26 December 2012)
Soil Carbon and Nitrogen in a CO2-Enriched Sweetgum Plantation (9 October 2012)
Another Take on the Airborne Fraction of Anthropogenic CO2 (12 September 2012)
Carbon and Nitrogen in the Soil of a Sweetgum Plantation after Eleven Years of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment (31 July 2012)
Woody Plants Invading Grasslands (18 July 2012)
Earth's Land Surface: Source or Sink of Anthropogenic CO2? (20 June 2012)
Global Warming Implications of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Inputs to the Environment (28 February 2012)
Soil Organic Carbon Response to Late 20th-Century Warming in the United Kingdom (18 January 2012)
Farm and Range Management to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change (4 January 2012)
The Benefits of Breeding Crops that Produce Deep Roots (14 December 2011)
The Global Land Carbon Sink (6 September 2011)
Carbon Sequestration in China Over the Past Century (31 August 2011)
Nine Years of Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Relations in the Duke Forest FACE Study (27 Jul 2011)
The Fate of Carbon in a Warming Temperate Peatland (19 Jul 2011)
A New Model Search for the "Missing Sink" of Anthropogenic CO2 (29 June 2011)
The Terrestrial Carbon Balance of East Asia (6 April 2011)
Forest Litter Production and Soil Carbon Sequestration (23 March 2011)
Surface Greenhouse Gas Balance: Woodlands vs. Pastures (23 March 2011)
Carbon and Nitrogen Storage in a Tallgrass Prairie Soil (2 February 2011)
Grassland Species Richness and Soil Carbon Sequestration (19 January 2011)
The Impact of Urbanization on the Surface Carbon Balance (11 January 2011)
The Soil Carbon Stock of Northern China's Grasslands (5 January 2011)
The Carbon Sink Efficiency of the Earth (28 Dec 2010)
The Carbon Dynamics of the Tibetan Plateau (21 December 2010)
Warming Reduces Permafrost Thaw Rates??? (20 October 2010)
Carbon Sequestration in a Poplar Plantation (14 October 2010)
The Peatlands of China's Changbai Mountains (29 September 2010)
Photosynthetic Overcompensation for Nocturnal Respiration Enhancement Due to Nighttime Warming (9 September 2010)
Belowground Carbon Storage in a Grassland Community (8 September 2010)
Woody Plants Acting as Carbon and Nitrogen Magnets (8 September 2010)
The Impact of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on Soil Carbon Beneath a Wheat Crop (29 July 2010)
Nitrogen Deposition Boosts U.S. Tree Growth (02 June 2010)
High Northern Latitude Carbon Balance Over the 21st Century (12 May 2010)