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Food Production

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Needing More Food, but Biting the Hand that Feeds Us (25 March 2014)
Central Asia Wheat Production in Two Climate Change Scenarios (19 February 2014)
Climate Change Impacts on Wheat Production in Central Asia (3 December 2013)
Selecting Crop Cultivars to Maximize Yields (12 November 2013)
The Future of Wheat Production on the North China Plain (11 September 2013)
Food Security in a Changing Climate: A Back-to-Basics Approach (28 May 2013)
Divining Future Winter Wheat Yields in the United Kingdom (21 May 2013)
Expanding the Biosphere's Limits to Growth (9 January 2013)
Maintaining Australian Pasture Production in a Warming World (8 January 2013)
Climate Change and Winter Wheat Yields in Northern China (11 December 2012)
Calculating the Effects of Climate Change and Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on California (USA) Crop Production (24 July 2012)
FACE-Based Crop Responses to Projected CO2 and Climate Changes in Germany (8 February 2012)
Rising Temperatures and Corn Production in Northeast China (10 January 2012)
Feeding the World Four Decades from Now (3 January 2012)
Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst (28 December 2011)
Extreme Low-Temperature Events During Northeast China's Warm Season (6 December 2011)
Chinese Agriculture to the End of the 21st Century (30 November 2011)
Humanity's Future: Will There Be Enough Water ... to Grow Enough Food? (29 November 2011)
To What Do We Owe the Origin of Agriculture? (19 October 2011)
Rice Production in China (13 July 2011)
Meeting the Food Needs of a Growing World Population (6 July 2011)
The Future of North American Wheat Production (21 June 2011)
Is There a Need for a More Sustainable Agriculture? (15 June 2011)
Rising Temperatures and Food-Borne Illnesses (15 March 2011)
The Prospects for Increased Pigeon Pea Production in India (8 February 2011)
Earth's Freshwater Resources of the Past Two Millennia (11 January 2011)
Food Security: The Real Planetary Problem (22 December 2010)
Selecting Rice Varieties of the Future (21 December 2010)
The World's Looming Food and Water Shortage (8 December 2010)
Surviving the Perfect Storm (3 November 2010)
Super Rice to Match Super Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations (28 October 2010)
The Large-Scale Production of Biofuels in a Food-Insecure World (14 October 2010)
The Changing Climate of Canada: Implications for Agriculture (30 September 2010)
Feeding the Future World (29 September 2010)
Low-Tech CO2 Enrichment for Greenhouse Vegetable Production (8 September 2010)
Purple Phototrophic Bacteria in Flooded Paddy Soil (21 July 2010)
Effects of Post-1980 Warming on Cropping Systems in China (16 July 2010)
Cutting CO2 Emissions May Spell Disaster for What Yet Remains of 'Wild Nature' (15 July 2010)
The Future of Rice Production in China (7 July 2010)
Rice Production and the Looming Water Crisis (21 May 2010)
Will Global Warming Reduce Crop Yields? (21 April 2010)