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Forest Productivity

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Cave-Air CO2 and Forest Growth: Some Interesting Correlations (22 July 2014)
Accelerating Growth Rates of British Colombia (Canada) Forests (1 July 2014)
One Hundred Years of European Forest Stand Dynamics (25 June 2014)
Old Growth Forests Still Socking Away Carbon and Nitrogen (24 June 2014)
African Tropical Rainforest: Flexing Its Muscles in Times of Stress (7 May 2014)
The European-Wide and Holocene-Long Growth Rates of Fir Trees (30 April 2014)
Sessile Oak: A Tree for All Seasons (2 April 2014)
Aging Japanese Cedar Plantations Still Sucking CO2 Out of the Air (25 February 2014)
The Increasing Water-Use Efficiencies of Temperate and Boreal Forests of the Northern Hemisphere Over the Past Two Decades (20 November 2013)
Neotropical Wet Forest Diversity: More Responsive to Temperature or CO2? (5 November 2013)
Rising Carbon Dioxide Concentrations and "Woody Thickening" (29 October 2013)
Scots Pine Stands of Estonia Are Growing Ever Better Nowadays (7 May 2013)
Trees of the Last Ice Age (8 August 2012)
More Mushrooms to Munch, Courtesy of Climate Change (13 June 2012)
The Fate of Amazonian Forests in a CO2-Enriched and Warmer World (23 May 2012)
Same-Age Growth Rates of Currently Old and Young Spruce Trees (18 April 2012)
Effects of Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions on the Growth and Water Use Efficiency of Western U.S. Ponderosa Pine Trees (17 April 2012)
The Last Half of 20th-Century European Forest Growth (1 February 2012)
Within-Species Genetic Differences in Quaking Aspen and Their Responses to Elevated CO2 (27 December 2011)
A Tropical Tree's Response to Modestly Elevated Atmospheric CO2 (30 November 2011)
Old Growth Forests of Northeast China (23 November 2011)
Chinese Forests to the End of the 21st Century (23 November 2011)
The Primary Effect of Past Increases in the Air's CO2 Content on Two Amazon Tree Species (28 September 2011)
Amazon Forest Dynamics (27 September 2011)
Old-Growth Forests of Tropical Africa (24 August 2011)
The Increasing Prowess of a Stand of Danish Beech Trees (26 Jul 2011)
Overcoming Photoinhibition in a Tropical Tree Species (6 July 2011)
The Productivity of China's Forests: 1961-2005 (29 June 2011)
The Amazing Amazon Rainforest (3 May 2011)
The Carbon Sink of an Old-Growth Forest in China (12 April 2011)
Eleven Years of CO2 Enrichment of a Scrub Oak Ecosystem (22 March 2011)
Old Trees Refusing to Retire (23 February 2011)
Old Trees Doing it Better than Young Trees: Responding to CO2 (22 February 2011)
The Fate of Tropical Rainforests in a Super CO2-Enriched and Warmer World (26 January 2011)
Long-Term CO2-Enrichment of Mature Deciduous Forest Trees (28 Dec 2010)
Real-World Increase in Air's CO2 Content Has Accelerated Growth of Natural Aspen Stands (16 Nov 2010)
The Growth of Scots Pines in Northeast Spain (16 Nov 2010)
Effects of Elevated CO2 on Longevity and Fecundity of an Invasive Weevil Feeding on Aspen, Birch and Maple Foliage (28 October 2010)
Old Trees Growing in a CO2-Accreting Atmosphere (21 October 2010)
U.S. Mid-Atlantic Temperate Forest Growth Over the 20th Century (14 September 2010)
The Duke Forest FACE Experiment at the Twelve-Year Point of Its Continuance ... (3 September 2010)
Tropical Forests and Earth's Changing Atmosphere (16 Jul 2010)
Will Rising Temperatures Lead to Greater Respiration Rates in Boreal Black Spruce Trees? (8 Jul 2010)
Net Primary Productivity at the Duke Forest FACE Facility (18 Jun 2010)
The Future of East Africa in a CO2-Enriched and Warmer World (12 May 2010)