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Millennial-Scale Oscillations of Temperature

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Millennial-Scale Climate Variability During the Holocene (6 August 2014)
Fifteen Millennia of Climate Change in the Middle Reaches of China's Yangtze River (20 February 2013)
Just How Icy was the Little Ice Age? (26 December 2012)
How Unusual Was 20th-Century Global Warming? (28 November 2012)
A Millennial-Scale Climatic Oscillation in Southern Chile (7 November 2012)
The Holocene Climate of the North Atlantic Region (3 October 2012)
Northern Scandinavian Summer Temperatures of the Past Two Millennia (2 October 2012)
Millennial-Scale Climate Variability: It's the Norm! (27 June 2012)
More Southern Hemisphere Evidence for Global Millennial-Scale Cycling of Climate (13 June 2012)
Dust Deposits at the Bottom of the Aral Sea (16 May 2012)
Millennial-Scale Climate Oscillations in Australia (1 May 2012)
Two Thousand Years of Dust Deposition in the Aral Sea (13 March 2012)
Anthropogenic-CO2-Induced Global Warming: Proven or Unproven? (13 March 2012)
A 4000-Year History of Greenland Surface Temperature (14 February 2012)
Eight Centuries of Climate Change in Northeast Spain (8 February 2012)
Late Holocene Climate on the Korean Peninsula (1 February 2012)
A 2000-Year Temperature History of the Mountainous West Eifel Volcanic Field of Germany (31 January 2012)
Millennial Climate Variability Along the Coast of the Northwestern Iberian Peninsula (30 November 2011)
Identifying Natural Contributions to Late Holocene Climate Change (16 November 2011)
Millennial-Scale Cycling of Climate in Disko Bugt, West Greenland (15 November 2011)
Coastal Dunes Reflect Past Climate Along the Southern Baltic Sea (7 September 2011)
Climate and Beavers in Yellowstone National Park (USA) (30 August 2011)
The World's Oscillatory Climate as Experienced in Northern Iberia (20 Jul 2011)
Two Millennia of Temperature and Precipitation Changes in Arid Central Asia (17 May 2011)
The 1470-Year Climate Oscillation of the North Pacific Gyre (6 April 2011)
Millennial-Scale Cycling of Climate in China's Salawusu River Valley (23 February 2011)
Temperatures of the Past Six Millennia in Alaska (25 January 2011)
Millennial-Scale Cycling of Climate, Southeast Scotland (19 January 2011)
The Medieval Warm Period in Southern Greenland (28 Dec 2010)
A Review of Mid- to Late-Holocene Climate Change (23 November 2010)
Millennial Cycling of Climate in Northeast Japan (23 November 2010)
A Millennium of Climate Change in Western Canada (4 November 2010)
The Medieval Warm Period in China's Tarim Basin (3 November 2010)
The Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age in San Francisco Bay (3 November 2010)
Climate, Plants and Fire: A Millennial-Scale Turkish History (3 November 2010)
Northern Hemisphere Temperature Reconstruction Clearly Shows the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age (Plus a Whole Lot More) (23 Sep 2010)
The Naturally Oscillating Climate of Northern Norway (2 September 2010)
A Millennial-Scale Climatic Oscillation in the Tropical Andes (11 August 2010)
Millennial Cycling of Climate in West Africa During the Holocene (5 August 2010)
Climatic Oscillations Recorded in a Coastal Setting on the French Side of the English Channel (29 July 2010)