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Roman Warm Period

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Roman and Medieval Warmth in the Arctic Atlantic Region (4 March 2014)
The Medieval and Roman Warm Periods in the Western Swiss Alps (25 December 2013)
Tree-Ring Width vs. Tree-Ring Maximum Latewood Density (24 April 2013)
Sea Surface Temperatures of the Southern Okinawa Trough (25 December 2012)
A Millennial-Scale Climatic Oscillation in Southern Chile (7 November 2012)
Northern Scandinavian Summer Temperatures of the Past Two Millennia (2 October 2012)
The Roman Warm Period in Southwest Scotland (21 August 2012)
Late-Holocene Climate of the Northeast Atlantic Ocean (1 August 2012)
Northern Scandinavian Temperatures of the Past 2000 Years (1 August 2012)
Warmth and Peace in the Roman Classical Period (19 June 2012)
A 2000-Year Temperature History of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool (13 March 2012)
The Roman Warm Period vs. the Current Warm Period (29 February 2012)
North American Mega-Droughts and Global Mega-Warming (21 February 2012)
The Roman Warm Period at Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland (11 October 2011)
Climate and Beavers in Yellowstone National Park (USA) (30 August 2011)
The World's Oscillatory Climate as Experienced in Northern Iberia (20 Jul 2011)
Two Millennia of Temperature and Precipitation Changes in Arid Central Asia (17 May 2011)
The Roman, Medieval and Current Warm Periods in the Northwestern Italian Alps (2 February 2011)
Temperatures of the Past Six Millennia in Alaska (25 January 2011)
The Medieval Warm Period in Southern Greenland (28 Dec 2010)
A Two-Thousand-Year Temperature History of the Extra-Tropical Northern Hemisphere (15 December 2010)
Holocene Climatic Change in the North American Great Plains (24 November 2010)
The Medieval and Roman Warm Periods in Southeast Italy (9 September 2010)