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The 2011 Interim Report

The 2011 Interim Report from the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change presents an overview of the research on climate change that has appeared since publication of Climate Change Reconsidered: The 2009 Report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change. Research published before 2009 is included if it did not appear in the 2009 report or provides context for the new research. Nearly all of the research summarized here appeared in peer-reviewed science journals.

The current report was coauthored by a team of scientists recruited and led by Craig D. Idso, Robert Carter, and S. Fred Singer. Significant contributions were provided by the lead authors and contributors identified on the title page. This team of scientists has been working since the release of Climate Change Reconsidered on a new comprehensive report currently scheduled for release in 2013. Although this report is available for free download and viewing, donations are encouraged to help ensure the similar dissemination of future reports.

To read the 2011 Interim Report, click on the appropriate link(s) below. Click here to read the report's press release.

Front Cover   JPG (0.2 MB)

Front Matter   PDF (0.6 MB)

Chapter 1
Climate Models and Their Limitations   PDF (0.6 MB)

Chapter 2
Forcings and Feedbacks   PDF (0.6 MB)

Chapter 3
Paleoclimate and Recent Temperatures   PDF (0.8 MB)

Chapter 4
Observations and Projections: Cryosphere, Ocean Dynamics, and Hydrology   PDF (0.7 MB)

Chapter 5
Observations and Projections: Extreme Weather   PDF (0.6 MB)

  Chapter 6
Terrestrial Animals   PDF (0.6 MB)

Chapter 7
Terrestrial Plants and Soils   PDF (1.4 MB)

Chapter 8
Aquatic Life   PDF (0.9 MB)

Chapter 9
Human Health Effects   PDF (0.5 MB)

Chapter 10
Economic and Other Policy Implications   PDF (1.0 MB)

Appendix 1: Acronyms   PDF (0.3 MB)
Appendix 2: Contributors to the 2011 Interim Report   PDF (0.3 MB)

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Full Report   PDF (8.3 MB)